Magical Forest Art Poster | Mystic Arbor | Luminous Tree Dreams v3

Journey into the heart of "Mystic Arbor," an enchanting piece from the Luminous Tree Dreams series. This magical forest art poster depicts a luminous tree pulsating with mystical energy, its branches reaching across dimensions. A kaleidoscope of ethereal colors - from ghostly blues to vibrant purples - dance around the mystical trunk, creating a portal to otherworldly realms.

Ideal for spiritual seekers, art aficionados, and those drawn to the metaphysical, this high-quality poster transforms any space into a sanctuary of visual wonder. Perfect for yoga studios, mystical reading nooks, or as the crown jewel of your psychedelic art collection. Available in various sizes to accommodate your spatial needs.

Let the Mystic Arbor be your guide to exploring the boundaries between seen and unseen worlds. Each viewing session unveils new mysteries, mirroring the ever-shifting nature of consciousness itself. Make this piece your companion in journeys of self-discovery and cosmic exploration.

  • Museum Grade Archival Paper (Doesnt Yellow Over Time)
  • 175gsm Thickness
  • Giclée Print (Bright and intense colors that won't fade in sunlight.)
  • Printed in the USA
  • Rolled up in plastic sleeve and shipped within a tube/triangle long box.
  • Processing time for each order is (1-5 DAYS.) This includes printing the design and packing it.
  • Shipping is (3-8 DAYS)
  • Shipped via UPS Mail Innovations

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